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Anorak's Corner!
P6504*       Spider , Snake & Eee - Only A Boy / When I Have To Say, Be On Your Way
LB6602      Al Williams - I Am Nothing / Brand New Love (also on Palmer 5011)
LB6604      James Shorter - Ready For The Heartbreak / Modern Day Woman
P6605          The Masqureraders - A Family part.I. / Part.II
P6066        The Maqueraders - I'm Gonna Make It / How
P6607           Lester Tipton - This Won't Change / Go On
P6608           Nelson Sanders- This Love Is Here To Stay / Tired Of Being Your Fool
P6609           Don Hart & James Shorter - I Shed A Tear / All The Love I Got
P6701           The Masqueraders - Be Happy For Me / Inst.
P6701           The L.P.T's - Be Happy For Me / Inst. (same recording as The Masquearaders)
P6702           The Masqueraders - Together, That's The Only Way / One More Chance
P6704           The Masqueraders - I Got The Power / Together, That's The Only Way

*-two issues...plain orange label, and regular red one with drum logos.