7447 Lloyd Wallace Trio - New Thing / Blues For Gerry
7448 Sheryl Swope - Lets Get The Show On The Road / How You Feel (credited as Sherl Swote)
7449 The Profiles - Got To Be Your Lover / If I Didn't Love You
7450 Jo Ann Garrett - One Woman/ I'm A Now Girl (Do It Now)
7451 Sheryl Swope - Can't Get Him Off My Mind/ How You Feel
7453 Sheryl Swope - Run To Me Are You/ Gonna Do Right This Time
7454 Jo Ann Garrett - Little Brown Letter/ I've Got To be Loved
7455 Jo Ann Garrett - I'll Always Remember/ Get Back
7456 Sheryl Swope - One Moment/ Meet Me
7457 Jo Ann Garrett - Whatcha Been Doing / I'll Always Remember
7458 Leroy & The Drivers - The Sad Chicken/ Rainy Night In Georgia
7459 The Oncoming Times - If You Had My Love/ What Is Life Without Love
7460 The Love Column - You Made Me So Very Happy / Can't Get Enough
7461 Little Joe Mixon - What You See Is What You Get / Inst.
7462 Jo Ann Garrett - Can You Deal With That/ Tell him I Love Him
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