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Herbert Hunter Twist Hit 01
Ed Hardin Good Luck Charm Hit 02
Herbert Hunter Slow Twistin' Hit 02
Ed Hardin Young World Hit 03
Herbert Hunter Lover Please Hit 03
Peggy Thompson Love Letters Hit 04
Bill Austin Shout Hit 05
Jim Porter Doctor Feelgood Hit 05
Bill Austin Dear One Hit 06
Peggy Thompson Mashed Potato Time Hit 07
Herbert Hunter Twist, Twist Senora Hit 08
Hit Combo Stranger On The Shore Hit 08
Hit Combo Soul Twist Hit 09
Ray Fowler What'd I Say Hit 09
Johnny Keaton P.T. 109 Hit 10
Tom Walls Funny Way Of Laughin' Hit 10
Bill Austin Shout, Shout Hit 11
Herbert Hunter Hide Nor Hair Hit 11
Charlie Jarrett Old Rivers Hit 12
Connie Dee Everybody Loves Me But You Hit 12
Ed Hardin Follow That Dream Hit 13
Connie Dee Second Hand Love Hit 14
Herbert Hunter I Can't Stop Loving You Hit 14
Benny Lattimore Snap Your Fingers Hit 15
Peggy Thompson I Sold My Heart To The Junkman Hit 15
Fred X. Brown Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Hit 16
Joe Cash Steel Guitar & A Glass Of Wine Hit 17
Peggy Gaines Playboy Hit 17
Farley Wayne That's Old Fashioned Hit 18
Jimmy Lucas Roses Are Red Hit 19
Peggy Gaines Gravy Hit 19
Music City Orchestra Stripper Hit 20
Tom Walls Speedy Gonzales Hit 20
Bill Arndt Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Hit 21
Dick Swift Sealed With A Kiss Hit 21
John Dunn Ahab Arab Hit 22
Connie Landers Heart In Hand Hit 23
Harvey Frolic Things Hit 23
Herbert Hunter Bring It On Home To Me Hit 24
Peggy Gaines Locomotion Hit 24
Herbert Hunter Right String, But The Wrong Yo Yo Hit 25
Boots Purcell Rinky Dink Hit 26
Connie Landers Vacation Hit 26
George Killebrew She's Not You Hit 27
Sandy Gold Sheila Hit 27
Bill Murphy Devil Woman Hit 28
Ed Van Zandt Little Diane Hit 28
Frank Clark Ramblin' Rose Hit 29
Fred York Send Me The Pillow You Dream On Hit 29
Barney Fox Teenage Idol Hit 30
Chellows Sherry Hit 30
Alpha Zoe You Beat Me To The Punch Hit 31
Mitch Lucas Patches Hit 31
Dave Grundy Green Onions Hit 32
Ed Mendel I Remember You Hit 32
Ed Hardin Only Love Can Break A Heart Hit 33
Leroy Jones Do You Love Me Hit 33
Katy Richards All Alone Am I Hit 34
Ed Hardin Return To Sender Hit 35
Sandy Carmichael Don't Go Near The Indians Hit 35
Gleams He's A Rebel Hit 36
Ward Oliver Next Door To An Angel Hit 36
Chellows Big Girls Don't Cry Hit 37
Sandy Atkinson Mama Sang A Song Hit 37
Bill Carmichael Limbo Rock Hit 38
Dacrons Don't Hang Up Hit 38
Boots Purcell Desafinado Hit 39
Lucille Johns Release Me Hit 39
Connie Landers Bobby's Girl Hit 40
Peggy Gaines Ride Hit 40
Alpha Zoe Keep Your Hands Off My Baby Hit 41
Leroy Jones You Are My Sunshine Hit 41
Dan Rubin Lonely Bull Hit 42
Tides Telstar Hit 42
Connie Landers My Coloring Book Hit 43
Fred York Go Away, Little Girl Hit 43
Alpha Zoe Everybody Loves A Lover Hit 44
Ed Hardin Love Came To Me Hit 44
Bill Carmichael It's Up To You Hit 45
Peggy Gaines Tell Him Hit 45
Connie Landers I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter Hit 46
George Killebrew Half Heaven, Half Heartache Hit 46
Herbert Hunter Loop De Loop Hit 47
Joe Cash Night Has A Thousand Eyes Hit 47
Connie Landers Shake Me, I Rattle Hit 48
Woody Martin My Dad Hit 48
Jackie Ott From A Jack To A King Hit 49
Music City Orchestra Walk Right In Hit 49
Bob & Bobbie Hey Paula Hit 50
Dave Gibson I Saw Linda Yesterday Hit 50
Chellows Walk Like A Man Hit 51
Leroy Jones Send Me Some Lovin' Hit 51
Ed Hardin You're The Reason I'm Living Hit 52
Larry Dexter Ruby Baby Hit 52
Leroy Jones Let's Limbo Some More Hit 53
Sylvia Richards Blame It On The Bossa Nova Hit 53
Alpha Zoe Let's Turkey Trot Hit 54
Ed Hardin One Broken Heart For Sale Hit 54
Clara & Cleftones Our Day Will Come Hit 55
Kathy Taylor End Of The World Hit 55
Dacrons South Street Hit 56
Tony Christopher What Will My Mary Say Hit 56
Connie Landers Follow The Boys Hit 57
Dacrons He's So Fine Hit 57
Bob & Bobbie Young Lovers Hit 58
Jackie Ott Out Of My Mind Hit 58
Fred York Don't Be Afraid, Little Darlin' Hit 59
Jimmy, Joe & Betty Puff Magic Dragon Hit 59
Fred X. Brown Can't Get Used To Losing You Hit 60
Leroy Jones Baby Workout Hit 60
Connie & Clara I Will Follow Him Hit 61
Herbert Hunter Take These Chains From My Heart Hit 61
Clara Wilson Don't Say Nothin' Bad Hit 62
Music City Five Pipeline Hit 62
Bobby Russell Reverend Mister Black Hit 63
Chellows Ain't That A Shame Hit 64
John Campbell If You Wanna Be Happy Hit 64
Alpha Zoe Da Doo Ron Ron Hit 65
Clara Wilson Foolish Little Girl Hit 65
Bobby Russell Still Hit 66
Katy Richards Losing You Hit 66
Marty Wood Eighteen Yellow Roses Hit 67
Connie Landers It's My Party Hit 68
Leroy Jones Another Saturday Night Hit 68
Frank Clark Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer Hit 69
John Preston Blue On Blue Hit 69
Alpha Zoe Hello Stranger Hit 70
Music City Orchestra & Chorus Sukiyaki Hit 70
Clara Wilson Easier Said Than Done Hit 71
Jimmy & Joe Surf City Hit 71
Music City Five Sukiyaki Hit 72
Sylvester Mccord Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport Hit 72
Leroy Jones No One Hit 73
Thomas Henry So Much In Love Hit 73
Harvey Frolic Ring Of Fire Hit 74
Jimmy, Wayne & Betty Blowin' In The Wind Hit 75
Wayne Harris Devil In Disguise Hit 75
Katy Richards Judy's Turn To Cry Hit 76
Music City Five Wipe Out Hit 76
Chellows Candy Girl Hit 77
Dick Martin Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah Hit 77
Betty Scott My Whole World Is Falling Down Hit 78
Herbert Hunter Twist It Up Hit 78
Leroy Jones Hey Girl Hit 79
Ricky Dickens If I Had A Hammer Hit 79
Dot Hester My Boyfriend's Back Hit 80
Sammy Fox Monkey Time Hit 80
Dacrons Then He Kissed Me Hit 81
Jalopy Five Surfer Girl Hit 81
Bill Austin You Can Never Stop Me Loving You Hit 82
Fred York Blue Velvet Hit 82
Belles Sally Go 'Round The Roses Hit 83
Georgettes Be My Baby Hit 83
Fantasies Mickey's Monkey Hit 84
Connie Dee Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love Hit 85
Ricky Dickens Sugar Shack Hit 85
Kathy Taylor I Can't Stay Mad At You Hit 86
Wayne Harris Wonderful, Wonderful Hit 86
Ed Hardin Donna Prima Donna Hit 87
Music City Five & Ten Washington Square Hit 87
Berry Bradley That Sunday, That Summer Hit 88
Jimmy, Wayne & Betty Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Hit 88
Dotty & Dan I'm Leaving It Up To You Hit 89
Tennessee Six & Four Down At Papa Joe's Hit 89
Connie Dee She's A Fool Hit 90
Leroy Jones It's All Right Hit 90
Harvey Frolic Matador Hit 91
Music City Five Maria Elena Hit 91
John Preston Walking Proud Hit 92 .
Marty Wood Five Hundred Miles Away From Home Hit 92
Betty Coleson Dominique Hit 93
Tom Tripp Since I Fell For You Hit 93
Joanne Kay Wonderful Summer Hit 94
Roamers Be True To Your School Hit 94
Scotties Popsicles & Icicles Hit 95
Belles You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry Hit 96
Fred York There, I've Said It Again Hit 96
Georgettes Quicksand Hit 97
Leroy Jones Loddy Lo Hit 97
Ed Hardin Drip Drop Hit 98
Ricky Dickens Midnight Mary Hit 98
Barbara Hammond Italian Cha Cha Hit 100
Jalopy Five Drag City Hit 100
Wayne Harris Forget Him Hit 100
This label was a budget/cover version of hits of the day, which featured some soul hits and rare soul artists/groups, hence it's inclusion here. It also includes many artists who recorded for Spar, Ref-O-Ree and Poncello. The UK equivilant of this label is Embassy.
Belles Boy Next Door Hit 101
Chuck Reed Just Plain Hurt Hit 101
Ricky Dickens Daisy Petal Pickin' Hit 102
Roamers Hey, Little Cobra Hit 102
Ed Hardin For You Hit 103
Thomas Henry Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um Hit 103
Doodles I Want To Hold Your Hand Hit 104
Fred York Fool Never Learns Hit 104
Bill Austin You Don't Own Me Hit 105
Harvey Frolic Talking About My Baby Hit 105
Bugs She Loves You Hit 106
Chellows Dawn Hit 106
Boll Weevils My Bonnie Hit 107
Connie Dee Navy Blue Hit 108
Dotty & Dan Stop & Think It Over Hit 108
Bobby Brooks See The Funny Little Clown Hit 109
Jalopy Five Fun, Fun, Fun Hit 110
Bugs Twist & Shout Hit 111
Chellows Stay Hit 111
Ed Hardin Suspicion Hit 112
Music City Singers Don't Let The Rain Come Down Hit 112
Beagles Can't Buy Me Love Hit 113
Fred York White On White Hit 113
Connie Dee That's The Way Boys Are Hit 114
Denny Dugan Shoop Shoop Song Hit 114
Chellows Ronnie Hit 115
Roamers Dead Man's Curve Hit 115
Clara Wilson My Guy Hit 117
Ed Hardin Little Children Hit 117
Roamers Bits & Pieces Hit 118
Music City Singers Love Me With All Your Heart Hit 119
Nashville Five Cotton Candy Hit 119
Bobby Brooks World Without Love Hit 120
Flower Sisters Chapel Of Love Hit 120
Concords Diane Hit 121
Mary Jones Walk On By Hit 121
Leroy Jones I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore Hit 122
Morti Webb People Hit 122
Bobby Brooks Tell Me Why Hit 123
Connie Dee Be Anything Hit 123
Jerry Poncher What'd I Say Hit 124
Peggy Gaines Every Little Bit Hurts Hit 124
Sam Baker Once Upon A Time Hit 125
Sammie Moore No Particular Place To Go Hit 125
Roamers I Get Around Hit 126
Bobby Brooks Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying Hit 127
Connie Dee My Boy Lollipop Hit 128
Marty Wood Tears & Roses Hit 128
Music City Singers Today Hit 129
Ed Hardin Memphis Hit 130
Betty Coleson Girl From Ipanema Hit 131
Harvey Frolic Dang Me Hit 131
Jalopy Five Can't You See That She's Mine Hit 132
Roamers Little Old Lady From Pasadena Hit 132
Houstons Where Did Our Love Go Hit 133
Leroy Jones Steal Away Hit 133
Chellows Rag Doll Hit 134
Jalopy Five Hard Day's Night Hit 134
Nashville Five Walk, Don't Run '64 Hit 135
Roamers Because Hit 135
Flower Sisters People Say Hit 136
Leroy Jones C'mon & Swim Hit 136
Danny & Deanie Bread & Butter Hit 137
Spartas House Of The Rising Sun Hit 137
Ed Hardin Such A Night Hit 138
Jalopy Five And I Love Her Hit 138
Fred York Clinging Vine Hit 139
Marty Wood In The Misty Moonlight Hit 140
Roamers G.T.O. Hit 140
Betty Wrigley Selfish One Hit 141
Roamers Save It For Me Hit 141
Ed Hardin Oh, Pretty Woman Hit 142
Bobby Brooks It Hurts To Be In Love Hit 143
Bobby Cash Do Wah Diddy Diddy Hit 143
Betty Coleson We'll Sing In The Sunshine Hit 144
Jackie Preston Tottle-Dee Doodle, Dee Doo Hit 144
Jalopy Five Tiger In My Tank Hit 145
Mary Sue & Trams Dancing In The Street Hit 145
Bobby Brooks Last Kiss Hit 146
Jalopy Five Matchbox Hit 147
Roamers When I Grow Up Hit 147
Harvey Frolic Chug-A-Lug Hit 148
Joanne Kay Lonesome Fool Hit 148
Ed Hardin That's All That's Important Now Hit 149
Jalopy Five Little Honda Hit 150
Amy & Jarretts I Know Johnny Loves Me Hit 151
Roamers Tobacco Road Hit 151
Roamers Ride The Wild Surf Hit 152
Jenny & Jewels Baby Love Hit 153
Leroy Jones Baby, Don't You Do It Hit 153
Spartas I'm Crying Hit 154
Charlie Rogers Spirit Of This Land Hit 155
John Preston Ringo Hit 155
Bobby Brooks Mountain Of Love Hit 156
Jalopy Five Be Yourself Hit 156
Ed Hardin Ask Me Hit 157
Fred York Pay It No Mind Hit 157
Spartas Dance, Dance, Dance Hit 158
Beasts Sha La La Hit 159
Charles Baker Where You Been Hit 159
Chellows Big Man In Town Hit 160
Roamers We Build A 409 Hit 160
Bugs Any Way You Want It Hit 161
Jalopy Five Sidewalk Surfin' Hit 161
Bobby & Buddy Just Give Me Time Hit 162
Marty Wood Right Or Wrong Hit 162
Chords Two Plus Two Hit 163
Fred York Mister Lonely Hit 163 .
Charlie Brown Legend Of Daniel Boone Hit 164
Ricky Dickens Legend Of Daniel Boone Hit 164
Jalopy Five I Feel Fine Hit 171
Roamers Love Potion Number 9 Hit 172
Betty Coleson Wedding Hit 173
William Randolph Song Of Love Hit 173
Betty York Downtown Hit 174
Chords Have You Been There Hit 174
Ed Hardin My World's A Blue World Hit 175
Shari Baker Don't Forget I Still Love You Hit 175
Bobby Brooks Wise Like Solomon Hit 176
Leroy Jones Hold What You've Got Hit 176
John Preston Speaking Of Broken Hearts Hit 177
Marty Wood You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You Hit 177
Charlie Bare Do Wacka Do Hit 178
Johnny Singer Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back Hit 178
Fred York My Love, Forgive Me Hit 179
Joanne Kay Anything Hit 179
Bobby & Buddy Willow Weep For Me Hit 180
Leroy Jones You Don't Want My Love Hit 181
Lisa French Name Game Hit 181
Jalopy Five Let's Lock The Door Hit 183
Leroy Jones Someday Hit 184
Jackie & Giants I Go To Pieces Hit 185
Chords Jolly Green Giant Hit 186
Connie Dee Ring Telephone Hit 186
Chellows Bye, Bye Baby Hit 187
Danny Woods No Arms Can Ever Hold You Hit 188
William Randolph Swinging Spiritual Hit 188
Charlie Bare King Of The Road Hit 189
Connie Dee Look Of Love Hit 189
Ed Hardin True Love You Can't Buy Hit 190
Wayne Harris You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' Hit 190
Harvey Frolic Midnight Special Hit 191
Spartas Sha La La Hit 191
Bobby Brooks She's Come Of Age Hit 192
Jalopy Five Eight Days A Week Hit 192
Mummies Tell Her No Hit 193
Wayne Harris For Me Hit 193
Jackie Harris Can't You Hear My Heartbeat Hit 194
John Preston You Were Gone Hit 194
Johnny La Flore Ferry Across The Mersey Hit 195
Music City Orchestra Berlin Melody Hit 195
William Randolph Madrid Hit 196
Connie Dee Whisper Tell Me Sweetly Hit 197
Jack White I've Got A Tiger By The Tail Hit 197
Bobby Brooks Hearts Are Funny Things Hit 199
Ed Hardin Goodnight Hit 199
Lisa French You Can't Trust A Friend Hit 200
Marty Wood Send Me The Pillow You Dream On Hit 200
Betty Coleson I Know A Place Hit 201
William Randolph I'm In A Very Romantic Mood Hit 201
Bobby Brooks I Must Be Seeing Things Hit 202
Connie Dee Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater Hit 202
Chellows Sun Will Still Shine Hit 203
Chords Don't Let Me Be Misunderstand Hit 203
Fred York Race Is On Hit 204
William Randolph Theme From Peyton Place Hit 205
Fred Hess Something's Happened Hit 206
Sherry Young Goldfinger Hit 206
John Preston Long Lonely Nights Hit 207
Fred York Lonely Girl Hit 208
Jack White Ten Little Bottles Hit 208
Jackie & Giants I'm Telling You Now Hit 209
Music City Orchestra & Chorus Super-Cali-Fragil-Istic-Expi-Ali-Dociou Hit 210
Ed Hardin Game Of Love Hit 211
Chords Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughte Hit 212
Fred Hess Count Me In Hit 213
Broadway Singers I'll Never Find Another You Hit 214
William Randolph Come Back To Me Hit 214
Jalopy Five Wooly Bully Hit 215
Chords I'm Henry VIII, I Am Hit 216
Marty Anderson One Dyin' & A-Buryin' Hit 216
Jalopy Five Satisfaction Hit 217
Roamers I Want Candy Hit 217
Jalopy Five I Like It Like That Hit 218
Bobby Brooks What's New, Pussycat Hit 219
Ed Hardin Down In The Boondocks Hit 219
Chellows California Girls Hit 220
Jalopy Five Help ! Hit 220
Roamers Eve Of Destruction Hit 221
Wayne & Dee I Got You, Babe Hit 221
Just Three In Crowd Hit 222
Roamers Hang On Sloopy Hit 222
Hank's Hounds Just A Little Bit Better Hit 223
Jalopy Five Catch Us If You Can Hit 223
Jimmy & Pat Baby, Don't Go Hit 224
Roamers You Were On My Mind Hit 224
Jalopy Five Yesterday Hit 225
Richard Phillips Kansas City Star Hit 225
Spades You've Got Your Troubles Hit 226
Crests You're The One Hit 227
Roamers Treat Her Right Hit 227
Henry Bary One, Two, Three Hit 228
Jalopy Five Get Off My Cloud Hit 228
Alpha Zoe Lover's Concerto Hit 229
Buddy Scott May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your No Hit 230
Jackie & Giants Turn, Turn, Turn Hit 230
Bobby Brooks England Swings Hit 231
Nashville Five Taste Of Honey Hit 231
Jalopy Five We Can Work It Out Hit 232
Chords Fever Hit 233
Johnny Singer Make The World Go Away Hit 233
Sammy & Theodore Sounds Of Silence Hit 235
Sheridan Brothers Flowers On The Wall Hit 235
Chords As Tears Go By Hit 236
Mccalls Five O'Clock World Hit 236
Chellows Barbara Ann Hit 237
Upsetters No Matter What Shape Hit 237
Betty York My Love Hit 238
Bobby & Buddy Michelle Hit 238
Fred York Lightnin' Strikes Hit 239
Leroy Jones Crying Time Hit 239
Jalopy Five California Dreamin' Hit 240
Ritchie Brown Uptight Hit 240
Betty Richards These Boots Are Made For Walking Hit 241
Chellows Working My Way Back To You Hit 241
Chords Listen, People Hit 242
Herb Eaton Ballad Of The Green Berets Hit 242
Nashville Five Batman Theme Hit 243
Mccalls Daydream Hit 244
Ed Hardin It's Too Late Hit 245
Jalopy Five Nowhere Man Hit 245
Bobby & Buddy Woman Hit 246
Sammy & Theodore Homeward Bound Hit 246
Chellows Cheater Hit 247
Ed Hardin Sure Gonna Miss Her Hit 247
Chords Time Won't Let Me Hit 248
Marty Wood Secret Agent Man Hit 248
Fred York Sign Of The Times Hit 249
Leroy Jones I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Hit 249
Joanne Kay Wonderful Summer Hit 250
Roamers Be True To Your School Hit 250
John Brooks Soul & Inspiration Hit 251
Spartas Good Lovin' Hit 251
Chellows Gloria Hit 252
Jalopy Five Monday, Monday Hit 252
Fred York Rhapsody In The Rain Hit 253
Jalopy Five Sloop John B Hit 253
Betty Richards How Does That Grab You, Darlin' Hit 254
Chords Leaning On The Lamppost Hit 254
Bobby Brooks Rainy Day Women # 12 & # 35 Hit 255
Leroy Jones When A Man Loves A Woman Hit 255
Chords Groovy Kind Of Love Hit 256
Ed Hardin Green Grass Hit 256
Jenny & Jewels Love Is Like An Itchin' In My Heart Hit 257
Leroy Jones It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World Hit 257
Harris Brothers Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore Hit 258
Jalopy Five Paint It Black Hit 258
Jalopy Five Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind Hit 259
Sammy & Theodore I Am A Rock Hit 259
Gallicos Hungry Hit 260
Mccalls Hanky Panky Hit 260
Ed Hardin Love Letters Hit 261
Chellows Wild Thing Hit 262
Jalopy Five Little Red Riding Hood Hit 262
Chords This Door Swings Both Ways Hit 263
Jalopy Five Mother's Little Hood Hit 263
Chellows Bus Stop Hit 264
Chords Dandy Hit 265
Joe King Sunshine Superman Hit 265
Jalopy Five Last Train To Clarksville Hit 266
Leroy Jones Almost Persuaded Hit 267
Roger Frolic My Uncle Used To Love Me Hit 267
Ed Hardin C.C. Rider Hit 268
Jalopy Five Psychotic Reaction Hit 268
Bobby Brooks If I Were A Carpenter Hit 269
Bobby Sims Poor Side Of Town Hit 269
Chellows Reach Out, I'll Be There Hit 270
Leroy Jones Satisfied Mind Hit 270
Chords Have You Seen You Baby Hit 271
Jalopy Five Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin Hit 271
Bobby Sims That's Life Hit 272
Chords Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron Hit 272
Jalopy Five I'm A Believer Hit 273
Joe King Mellow Yellow Hit 273
Connie Dee Sugar Town Hit 274
Sherry Young Single Girl Hit 274
Floyd Tiller Born Free Hit 275
New Orleans Band Winchester Cathedral Hit 275
Bobby Sims Wild Thing Hit 276
Jalopy Five Music To Watch Girls By Hit 276
Buchanans Kind Of A Drag Hit 277
Jalopy Five Ninety-Eight.Six Hit 277
Chellows Nashville Cats Hit 278
Chords Georgy Girl Hit 278
Ed Hardin Good Thing Hit 279
Leroy Jones Tell It Like It Is Hit 279
Ed Hardin Green, Green Grass Of Home Hit 280
New Society Group Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Hit 280
Bobby & Connie Beat Goes On Hit 281
Jalopy Five Sock It To Me, Baby Hit 281
Chords Pretty Ballerina Hit 282
Ed Hardin Baby, I Need Your Loving Hit 282
Chellows Ruby Tuesday Hit 283
Jalopy Five Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye Hit 283
Cadets Happy Together Hit 284
Chellows There's A Kind Of Hush Hit 284
Ed Hardin Detroit City Hit 285
Jalopy Five Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You Hit 285
Bobby & Connie Something Stupid Hit 286
Chords Dedicated To The One I Love Hit 286
Bobby Sims I Think We're Alone Now Hit 287
Jalopy Five Penny Lane Hit 287
Chellows Western Union Hit 288
Fantastics Bernadette Hit 289
Odessa Crawford I Never Loved A Man Hit 289
Kathy Shannon Love Eyes Hit 290
Chords Don't You Care Hit 291
Chellows Him Or Me, What's It Gonna Be Hit 292
Chords Creeque Alley Hit 292
Fantastics Here Comes My Baby Hit 293
Jalopy Five I Got Rhythm Hit 293
Chords Mirage Hit 294
Ed Hardin Release Me Hit 294 US
Chellows Somebody To Love Hit 295
Jalopy Five Groovin' Hit 295
Jack & Sherry Young Jackson Hit 296
Kathy Shannon Don't Sleep In The Subway Hit 296
Bobby Sims San Francisco Hit 297
Fantastics Whiter Shade Of Pale Hit 297
Chellows Little Bit O' Soul Hit 298
Kathy Shannon I'll Take It Back Hit 298
Chords Up, Up & Away Hit 299
Jalopy Five Windy Hit 299
Chords Carrie Ann Hit 300
Jalopy Five Pleasant Valley Sunday Hit 300
Chords Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Hit 302
Fantastics Light My Fire Hit 302
Chords White Rabbit Hit 303
Kathy Shannon Ode To Billie Joe Hit 303
Bergen Justice Gimme Little Sign Hit 305
Chellows Never, My Love Hit 305
Jimmy Lewis & Elfs Come Back When You Grow Up Hit 306
Olives How Can I Be Sure Hit 306
Chords Letter Hit 307
Jalopy Five Dandelion Hit 307
Chellows Holiday Hit 308
Chords Incense & Peppermints Hit 308
Bobby Sims Please Love Me Forever Hit 309
Fantastics People Are Strange Hit 309
Flowers Rain Park & Other Things Hit 310
Kathy Shannon It Must Be Him Hit 310
Jalopy Five Even The Bad Times Are Good Hit 311
Kathy Shannon To Sir With Love Hit 311
Bobby Sims Open Letter To My Teenage Son Hit 312
Jimmy Lewis & Elfs Keep The Ball Rollin' Hit 312
Jenny & Jewels In & Out Of Love Hit 313
Steve Miller Everlasting Love Hit 313
Chords Massachusetts Hit 314
Fantastics Pata Pata Hit 314
Ed Hardin By The Time I Get To Phoenix Hit 315
Jalopy Five Daydream Believer Hit 315
Jack Jones & Jet Set Judy In Disguise Hit 317
Jalopy Five We Can Fly Hit 317
Chords I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving Hit 319
New Society Group Love Is Blue Hit 319
Bobby Sims Honey Hit 320
Ed Hardin Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde Hit 320
Kathy Shannon Valley Of The Dolls Hit 323
Sammy & Theodore Scarborough Fair Hit 323
Classmates Tighten Up Hit 324
Fantastics Cowboys To Girls Hit 324
Chords Unicorn Hit 325
Jalopy Five Young Girl Hit 325
Chords Lady Madonna Hit 326
Classmates Beautiful Morning Hit 326
Jalopy Five Cry Like A Baby Hit 327
Kathy Shannon Do You Know The Way To San Jose Hit 327
Ed Hardin I Wanna Live Hit 329
Fantastics Mony, Mony Hit 329
New Society Group Good Bad, & The Ugly Hit 330
Steve Miller This Guy's In Love With You Hit 330
Chords Reach Out Of The Darkness Hit 332
Jalopy Five D.W. Washburn Hit 332
Jalopy Five Jumpin' Jack Flash Hit 334
Kathy Shannon Angel Of The Morning Hit 334
Chords Turn Around, Look At Me Hit 335
Classmates Look Of Love Hit 335
Fantastics Stoned Soul Picnic Hit 336
Jalopy Five Hurdy Gurdy Man Hit 336
Chords Sunshine Of Your Love Hit 337
Leroy Jones You Keep Me Hangin' On Hit 337
Classmates Classical Gas Hit 338
Bobby Sims Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife Hit 339
Chords Hello, I Love You Hit 339
Connie Landers He Thinks I Still Care Hit 340
Fantastics One, Two, Three, Red Light Hit 340
Kathy Shannon House That Jack Built Hit 340
Chords Born To Be Wild Hit 342
Jalopy Five Revolution Hit 342
Jalopy Five Hey Jude Hit 343
Kathy Shannon Harper Valley PTA Hit 343
Chords My Special Angel Hit 344
Fantastics Over You Hit 344
Classmates Susie-Q Hit 345
Jalopy Five Midnight Confessions Hit 345
Chords Girl Watcher Hit 346
Kathy Shannon Those Were The Days Hit 346
Jalopy Five Elenore Hit 347
Leroy Jones Little Green Apples Hit 347
Bobby Sims Who's Making Love Hit 348
Fantastics White Room Hit 348
Ed Hardin Hold Me Tight Hit 349
Joe Smith Abraham, Martin & John Hit 349
Fantastics Touch Me Hit 352
Jalopy Five Every Day People Hit 352
Chords Worst That Could Happen Hit 353
Kathy Shannon Son Of A Preacher Man Hit 353
Fantastics You Showed Me Hit 355
New Society Group Soulful Strut Hit 355