There's quite a few Rare Soul tracks that gained both a "Local" and "National" release, hence they appeared on two or more labels. However, even with the distribution muscle of a larger label behind a disc, it didn't always guarantee it chart  success!

Below is part one, "A to E" of the 300+ entries I have so far found of tracks and their Local/National label details. Each entry is under the artist's first / group name with the local label listed first followed by the National / alternate one. Please note that some releases are different versions in some cases.
Also note that no copies of Don Varner on Veep, The Just Brothers on Wand or indeed The Honeybees on Wand have ever been found, although they had release numbers alloted to them...have you got one filed away?! I am also not including International labels at this stage...that's for another project!
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