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7150 Jerry McCain - Twist´62 / Red Top
7151 Jean Dushon - Play thing / Second Class Lover
7152 Jimmy Breedlove - Don´t Let It Happen / Queen Bee
7153 Dr. Feelgood & The Interns - Bald Headed Lena / What´s Up Doc
7154 Ted Taylor - Don´t lie / Pretending
7155 Danette & The Starlets - Impression / You Belong To Me
7156 Dr. Feelgood & The Interns - What's Up Dog / String But The Wrong Yo-Yo
7157 Jerry McCain & His Harmonica - Run Back Home / Jet Stream
7158 Jerry McCain - Jet Stream / Popcorn
7159 Ted Taylor - Time Has A Way / You Must Have Been Meant For Me
7160 Roy Lee Johnson - Too Many Tears / Black Pepper Will Make You Sneeze
7161 Dr. Feelgood & The Interns - Let´s Have A Good Time Tonight / Same Old Things Can Happen
7162 The Blossoms - I´m In Love / What Makes Love
7163 Maurice Rodgers - Sweet Daddy / All Alone
7164 The Litterbugs - Charlypso / Valerie
7165 Ted Taylor - Can´t Take No More / I´ll Release You
7166 Red Saunders - Hambone / Rumble Mambo
7167 Dr. Feelgood & The Interns - Bald Head Lena / My Gal Jo
7168 Major Lance - Delilah / Everytime
7169 The Sherry Sisters - Stay Away From Bobby / Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
7170 Jerry McCain - Hop Stroll / Turn The Lights On Popeye
7171 Ted Taylor - Be Ever Wonderful / That's Life I Guess
7172 The Belgianettes - The Train / My Blue Heaven
7173 The Sheppards - Walkin' / Pretend You're Still Mine
7174 Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - Emulsified / Go Little Willie
7175 Major Lance - The Monkey Time / Mama Didn't Know
7176 Ted Taylor - Him Instead Of Me / You Have Me Nothing To Go On
7177 The Artistics - I Need Your love / What'll I Do
7178 Billy Butler & The Enchanters - Found True Love / Lady Love
7179 Ted Taylor - I'll Make It Up To You / It Ain't Like That No More
7180 ?
7181 Major Lance - Hey Little Girl / Crying In The Rain
7182 Roy Lee Johnson - Busybody / Nobody Does Something For Nothing
7183 Gerald Sims - Cool Breeze / There Must Be An Answer
7184 Clifford Davis - Finders Keepers Losers Weepers / Take it light
7185 Dr.Feelgood - The Doctors Boogie / Blang Dong
7186 Jimmy Church - The Hurt / Only You
7187 Major Lance - Um Um Um Um Um Um / Sweet Music
7188 The Opals - Does It Matter / Tender Love
7189 Walter Jackson - That's What Mama Say / What Would You Do
7190 Ted Taylor - So Hard / Need You Home
7191 Major Lance - The Matador / Gonna Get Married
7192 Billy Butler & The Enchanters - Gotta Get Away / I'm Just A Man
7193 Ted Taylor - Get My Hands On Some Lovin'  / l'll Leave It Up To You
7194 TheKayvettes - Im Not Sorry For You / You Broke Your Promise
7195 The Charades - Can't Make It Without You / Love Of My Life
7196 Ernie Harris - Hold on / Betty
7197 Major Lance - Girls / It Ain't No Use
7198 Ted Taylor - Somebody's Always Trying / Top Of The World
7199 ?
7200 Major Lance - Think Nothing About It / It's Alright
7201 Billy Butler & The Enchanters - Can't Live Without Her / My Heart Is Hurtin'
7202 The Opals - You Can't Hurt Me No More / You're Gonna Be Sorry
7203 Major Lance - Rhythm / Please Don't Say No More (pic cover)
7204 Walter Jackson - It's All Over / Lee Cross
7205 The Vibrations - Watusi Time / Sloop Dance
7206 Ted Taylor - If It Wasn't For You / Don't Deceive me
7207 Billy Butler & The Chanters - Nevertheless / My Sweet Woman
7208 Dave Baby Cortez - Popping Popcorn / The Question (Do You Love Me)
7209 Major Lance - I'm So Lost / Sometimes I Wonder
7210 The Keystoners - After I Propose / Magic Kiss
7211 Little Joe Cook - Meet Me Down In Soulsville / You Make Me Want To Cry
7212 The Vibrations - Keep On Keeping On / Hello Happiness
7213 Marlina Mars - Is It Love That Really Counts In The Long Run / Just Another Dance
7214 Ted Taylor - So Long Bye Bye / I Love You Yes I Do
7215 Walter Jackson - Special Love / Suddenly I'm All Alone
7216 Major Lance - Come See / You Belong To Me My Love (pic cover)
7217 The Artistics - Patty Cake / In Another Man's Arms
7218 Marie Knight - Nothing / Come Tomorrow
7219 Walter Jackson - Blowing In The Wind / Welcome Home
7220 The Vibrations - Ain't Love That Way / End Up Crying
7521 Billy Bultler & The Chanters - I Can't Work No Longer / Tomorrow Is Another Day
7222 Ted Taylor - Ramblin' Rose / I'm So Satisfied
7223 Major Lance - Ain't It A Shame / Gotta Get Away
7224 The Opals - I'm So Afraid / Restless Days
7225 Otis Williams & The Charms - Baby You Turn Me On / Love Don't Grow On Trees
7226 Major Lance - Too Hot To Hold / Dark & Lonely
7227 Billy Butler - You Ain't Ready (You Make Me Think) / You're Gonna Be Sorry
7228 The Vibrations - Talkin' Bout Love / It You Only Knew
7229 Walter Jackson - I'll Keep On Trying / Where Have All The Flowers Gone
7230 The Vibrations - Misty / Finding Out The Hard May
7231 Ted Taylor - Walking Out Of Her Life / Stay Away From My Baby
7232 The Artistics - This Heart Of Mine / I'll Come Running
7233 Major Lance - Everybody Loves A Good Time / I Just Can't Help it
7234 Teacho & The Students - Chills And Fever / Same Old Beat
7235 Otis Williams - I Fall To Pieces / Gotta Get Myself Together
7236 Walter Jackson - One Heart Lonely / Funny
7237 Joyce Davis - Hello Heartaches Goodbye Love / Along Came You
7238 ?
7239 S.Q.Reeder - I Want To Know / Just In Time
7240 Ted Taylor - Daddy's Baby / Mercy Have Pity
7241 The Vibrations - Canadian Sunset / The Story Of A Starry Night
7242 Tommy Tate - Are You From Heaven / I'm Taking on Pain
7243 The Artistics - Loveland / So Much Love In My Heart
7244 Titus Turner - Eye To Eye / What Kinda Deal Is This
7245 Billy Butler & The Chanters - The Right Track / Boston Monkey
7246 The Chymes - I Got Loving / Let's Try It Again
7247 Walter Jackson - It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom / Tear For Tear (pic cover)
7248 Otis Williams - I Got Loving / Welcome Home
7249 The Vibrations - Forgive &  Forget / Gonna Get Along Without You Now
7250 Major Lance - Investigate / Little Young Lover (pic cover)
7251 Little Richard - Well / Poor Dog (Who Can't Wag His Own Tail)
7252 Ted Taylor - Big Wheel / No One But You
7253 Tommy Tate - Big Blue Diamonds / A Lover's Reward
7254 S.Q.Reeder - Tell All The World About You / Two Ton Tessie
7255 Major Lance - It's The Beat / You'll Want Me Back
7256 Walter Jackson - After You There Can Be Nothing / My Funny Valentine
7257 The Vibrations - Soul A Go-Go / And I Love Her
7258 Sam Scott - A Change Is Gonna Come / Down Hearted Blues
7259 Larry Williams - I'd Rather Fight Than Switch / This Old Heart Is Lonely
7260 Walter Jackson - Not You / Corner In The Sun
7261 Otis Williams - Ain't Gonna Walk Your Dog No More / Your Sweet Love
7262 Little Richard - I Need Love / The Commandments Of Love
7263 Johnny Guitar Watson - Keep On Lovin' You / South Like West
7264 Hank & Rover - Lot To Be Done / Rock Down On My Shoe
7265 Herbie's  People - Semi Detached Surburban Mr.Jones / Residential Area
7266 Major Lance - Ain't No Soul (In These Old Shoes) / I Wait Till I Get you In My Arms (pic cover)
7267 Roy Thompson - Sookie Sookie / Love You Say
7268 Carl Douglas - Crazy Feeling / Keep It To Myself
7269 The Wolf Man - Strange / Back Side
7270 Johnny Guitar Watson - Wolfman / Hold On I'm Coming
7271 Little Richard - I Don't Want To Discuss It / Hurry Sundown
7272 Walter Jackson - Speak Her Name / They Don't Give Medals (pic cover)
7273 The Triumphs - Workin' / Memories
7274 Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - A Quitter Never Wins / Mercy Mercy Mercy
7275 Washington Smith - Fat Cat / Don't Take Your Love (Also on Rainbow records)
7276 The Vibrations - Pick Me / You Better Beware
7277 Sandi Sheldon - You're Gonna Make Me Love You / Baby You're Mine
7278 Little Richard - Never Gonna Let You Go / Don't Deceive Me
7279 Cookie Jackson - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad / Things Go Better With Love
7280 Larry Williams - You Ask For One Good Reason / I Am The One
7281 Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - Two For The Price Of One / Too Late (pic cover)
7282 Link Wray & The Wraymen - Hambone / Rumble Mambo
7283 Roy Thompson - Keep On Dancing / Something Greater Than Love
7284 Major Lance - You Don't Want Me No More / Wait Till I Get You In My Arms
7285 Walter Jackson - My One Chance To Make It / Deep In Heart Of Harlem
7286 Little Richard - A Litte Bit Of Somethinq / Money
7287 Carl Douglas & the Big Stampede - Let The Birds Sing  / Something For Nothing
7288 Dottie Jean - Sweet Daddy Wouldn't Do That / Let Me Go Lover
7289 The Seven Souls - I Still Love You / I'm No Stranger
7290 Johnny Watson - I'd Rather Be Your Baby / Soul Fool
7291 The Triumphs - I'm  Coming To Your Rescue / The World Owes Me A Lovin'
7292 Cookie Jackson - Fresh Out Of Texas / Suffer
7293 The Autographs - I Can Do It / I'm  Gonna Show You How To Love Me
7294 Larry Williams -  Boss Lovin' / Just Because (Also on Smash records)
7295 Walter Jackson - My Ship Is Comin' In / A Cold Cold Winter
7296 Franky Coe - Game Of Love / Pt.II
7297 The Vibrations -  Come To Yourself / Toqether
7298 Major Lance - Forever / Without A Doubt
7299 Malcolm Hayes - Baby Please Don't Leave Me / I Can Make It Without You Baby
7300 Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - Find Yourself Someone To Love / Nobody
7301 The Fundamentals - I Wouldn't Blame You / Let Me Show It To You
7302 Johnny Watson - She'll Blow Your Mind / ?
7303 Ken Williams - Come Back / Baby If You Were Gone
7304 Margie Joseph - See Me / Why Does A Man Have To Lie
7305 Walter Jackson - Evervthing / Road To Ruin
7306 ?
7307 Johnny Robinson - Gone But Not Forgotten / I Need Your Love So Bad
7308 The Detroit City Limits - Honey Chile / Ninety Eight Cents Plus Tax
7309 ?
7310 Sandra Phillips - I Wish I Had Known / Hoping You'll Come Back
7311 The Vibrations - Love In Them There Hills / Remember The Rain
7312 The Little Foxes - Love Made To Order / So Glad Your Love Don't Change
7313 Margie Joseph - Matter 0f Life Or Death / Show Me
7314 Major Harris - Just Love Me / Loving You More
7315 Ernie Lucas - What Would I Do Without You / Love Thief
7316 Leah Dawson - Good Man / You Got To Change (Your evil ways) (Also on Big Hit Records)
7317 Johnny Robinson - Poor Man / When A Man Cries
7318 Cane Black - Hold On To What You Got / Sometimes
7319 The Tangeers - Let My Heart And Soul Be Free / What's The Use Of Me Trying
7320 Watson T.Brown - Some Lovin' / Home Is Where Your Heart Lies
7321 Ernie Lucas - What We Pay For Love / Nothing Can Separate Me From Your Love
7322 The Brothers Soul -  I Shall Be Released / Look Ahead
7323 ?
7324 The Variations -  Empty Words / Yesterday Is Gone
7325 Little Richard - Lucille / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
7326 Different Strokes - Everyday People / Sing A Simple Song
7327 Major Harris - Like A Rolling Stone / Call Me Tomorrow
7328 Johnny Robinson - You've Been With Me / Green Green Grass Of Home
7329 The Carstairs - He Who Picks A Rose / Yesterday
7330 Black Velvet - Just Came Back / Come On Heart
7331 The Cheers - Take Me To Paradise / I Made Up My Mind
7332 Johnny Otis Show - You Can Depend On Me / The Watts Breakaway
7333 George Freeman - All Right Now / You lied I Cried Love Died
7334 ?
7335 Bernice Willis - Breakfast In Bed / Confidence
7336 Azie Mortimer - One Way Love (Is a wrong way love) / You Can't Take It Away
7337 Azie Mortimer - I Don't Care / Prove It
7338 The Cheers - Can't Let You Do It / I'm Glad I Waited

OKM-12100/OKS-14100 The Sons Of lory - God Glorifies (1962)
Use Me Lord/Death /Draws Nigh/Working For My Lord/I'll Journey On
I Thank The Lord/I'm Going To Take A Ride/God Glorifies/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Shelter For Me

OKM-12101/OKS-14101 Dr.Feelgood & The Interns - Doctor Feelgood (1962)
Doctor Feel-Good/I'll Give Anything/The Swabble/I'll Be Home One Day/I Ain't Gonna Be A Lowdown Dog No More/Bald-Headed Lena
What's Up Doc/Mister Moonlight/Sea Breeze/Right String But The Wrong Yo-Yo/Love Is Amazing/Don't Let Me Catch You Wrong

OKM-12102 - ?

OKM-12103 - Jack Dupree - Cabbage Greens (1963)
Cabbage Greens #1/Gambling Man Blues/Morning Tea/Chain Gang Blues/Big Time Mama/Warehouse Man Blues/Jackie P. Blues/Black Woman Swing
Dupree Shake Dance/Junker's Blues/All Along Blues/Angola Blues/Bad Health Blues/Weed Head Woman/Heavy Heart Blues/Cabbage Greens #2

OKM-12104/OKS-14104 Ted Taylor - Be Ever Wonderful (1963)
Be Ever Wonderful/Can't Take No More/Close Your Eyes/That's Life I Guess/I'll Release You/Pretending Love
You Give Me Nothing To Go On/Him Instead Of Me/Don't Lie/St. James Infirmary/You Must Have Been Meant For Me/This Love Of Mine

OKM-12105/OKS-14105 Major Lance - The Monkey Time (1963)
The Monkey Time/Mama Didn't Know/Watusi/The Bird/Pride And Joy/Delilah/
Land Of A Thousand Dances Hitchhike/Soldier BoyJust One Look/What's Happening/Keep On Loving You

OKM-12106/OKS-14106 Major Lance - Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um: The Best of... (1964)
Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um/Hey Little Girl/Gypsy Woman/Gotta Right To Cry/Little Young Lover/That's What Mama Say
The Monkey Time/It's All Right/Mama Didn't Know/Think Nothing About It/You'll Want Me Back/I'm The One

OKM-12107/OKS-14107 Walter Jackson - It's All Over (1965)
It's All Over/A Blossom Fell/That's What Mama Say/It Will Be The Last Time/Opportunity/I Don't Want To Suffer/
There Goes That Song Again/What Would You Do/Lee Cross/Then Only Then/This World Of Mine/Funny (Not Much)

OKM-12108/OKS-14108 Walter Jackson - Welcome Home (1965)
My Funny Valentine/Moonlight In Vermont/Let It Be Me/Suddenly I'm All Alone/Imagination/Welcome Home
Moon River/Blowin' In The Wind/The Magic's Gone/Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)/Still At The Mercy Of Your Love/Where Have All The Flowers Gone

OKM-12109/OKS-14109 Ted Taylor - Blues And Soul (1965)
Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)/Fannie Mae/Stay Away From My Baby/Find Me A New Love/I'm
So Satisfied/Get Away
(Love Is Like A) Ramblin' Rose/Big Wheel/Did She Mention My Name?/Why Do Fools Fall In Love?/No One But You/The Seventh Son

OKM-12110/OKS-14110 Major Lance - Major's Greatest Hits (1965)
The Monkey Time/Come See/Sometimes I Wonder/Um, Um, Um,Um, Um, Um/Girls/Sweet Music
Ain't It A Shame/Hey Little Girl/The Matador/Rhythm/It Ain't No Use/Gotta Get Away

OKM-12111/OKS-14111 The Vibrations - Shout! (1965)
Talkin' 'Bout Love/Misty/End Up Crying/Watusi Time/Ain't Love That Way/Finding Out The Hard Way
Medley: What'd I Say-Shout/Sloop Dance/Keep On Keeping On/Hello Happiness

OKM-12112/OKS-14112 the Vibrations - Misty (1966)
I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Gina/My Prayer/The Story Of A Starry Night/Misty/
Days Of Wine And Roses/Tonight/I Wish You Love/What Kind Of Fool Am I/Stardust

OKM-12113/OKS-14113 Ted Taylor - Greatest Hits (1966)
Stay Away From My Baby/Don't Lie/Ramblin' Rose/Don't Deceive Me/It Ain't Like That No
More/Need You Home/Somebody's Always Trying/Daddy's Baby/So Hard/I'm So Satisfied

OKM-12114/OKS-14114 The Vibrations - New Vibrations (1966)
Everybody Loves A Lover/And I Love Her/Secret Love/For Your Love/Soul A Go-Go
Canadian Sunset/One Mint Julep/Our Day Will Come/Forgive And Forget/Gonna Get Along Without You Now

OKM-12115/OKS-14115 Billy Butler - Right Track (1966)
Right Track/Can't Live Without Her/Found True Love/Boston Monkey/Tomorrow's Another Day/
(I've Got A Feeling) You're Gonna Be Sorry/I Can't Work No Longer/Nevertheless/Gotta Get Away/(You Make Me Think) You Ain't Ready

OKM-12116 - ?

OKM-12117/OKS-14117 Little Richard - The Explosive (1967)
I Don't Want To Discuss It/Land Of A Thousand Dances/The Commandments Of Love/Money/Poor Dog (Who Can't Wag His Own Tail)/
I Need Love/Never Gonna Let You Go/Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)/Function At The Junction/Well

OKM-12118/OKS-14118 Johnny Guitar Watson - Bad (1967)
Hold On, I'm Comin'/Fever/Coke/Knock On Wood/Unchain My Heart/
Comin' Home Baby/Skate Key/Summertime/Wolfman/Reach Out I'll Be There

OKM-12119/OKS-14119 The Artistics - Get My Hands On Some Lovin' (1967)
Get My Hands On Some Lovin'/I'll Leave It Up To You/Patty Cake/So Much Love In My Heart/I'll Come Running/
This Heart Of Mine/What'll I Do/Loveland/I Need Your Love/In Another Man's Arms

OKM-12120/OKS-14120 Walter Jackson - Speak Her Name (1967)
They Don't Give Medals/Speak Her Name/Tear For Tear/She's A Woman/Not You
My One Chance To Make It/It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom/I'll Keep On Trying/Corner In The Sun/After You There Can Be Nothing

OKM-12121/OKS-14121 Little Richard - Greatest Hits: Recorded Live! (1967)
Lucille/The Girl Can't Help It/Tutti Frutti/Send Me Some Lovin''/Long Tall Sally/Get Down With It
True Fine Mama/Jenny, Jenny/Good Golly Miss Molly/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Anyway You Want Me /You Gotta Feel It

OKM-12122/OKS-14122 Larry Williams & Johnny Guitar Watson - Two For The Price Of One (1967)
Two For The Price Of One/Keep On Lovin' You/Ask Me/Ain't Gonna Move/Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/
Too Late/Love Is Such A Funny Thing/Takin' No Chances/I'd Rather Fight Than Switch/A Quitter Never Wins

OKM-12123/OKS-14123 Larry Williams - Greatest Hits (1967)
Short Fat Fannie/Hootchy-Koo/I Hear My Baby/Just Because/Bony Moronie/
Slow Down/Boss Lovin'/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/I Got a Woman/Mary Ann

OKM-12124/OKS-14124 Johnny Watson Trio - In The Fats Bag (1967)
Makin' Woopee!/Undecided/Sweet Sue Just You/Willow Weep For Me/What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You)
There'll Be Some Changes Made/Blues For Fats Waller And Company/S'posin'/Ain't Misbehavin'/I Used To Love You (But It's All Over Now)

OKM-12125/OKS-14125 Dorothy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes - same (1967)
Human Bondage/In That Mornin'/(There'll Be) Peace In The Valley/I'll Be With Thee/I'll Be Satisfied Then
Strange Man/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/Christian Army/The Handwriting On The Wall/Prayin' Time

OKM-12126 ?

OKM-12127/OKS-14127 Detroit City Limits - Ninety Eight Cents Plus Tax (1968)
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing/Cowboys To Girls/By The Time I Get To Pheonix/Think/La-la-la (Means I Love You)/Ninety-Eight Cents Plus Tax
Honey Chile/Do You Know The Way To San Jose/I Could Never Love Another/Dance To The Music/Big Top

OKM-12128/OKS-14128 Walter Jackson - Greatest Hits (1969)
Speak Her Name/Lee Cross/Welcome Home/After You There Can Be Nothing/A Corner In The Sun
Funny It's All Over/Tear For Tear/It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom/My Ship Is Comin' In/Suddenly I'm All Alone

OKM-12129/OKS-14129 The Vibrations - Greatest Hits (1969)
Love In Them There Hills/For Your Love/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Sloop Dance/Medley:
What'd I Say-Shout
Canadian Sunset/And I Love Her/Watusi Time/Misty/Our Day Will Come/Remember The Rain

OKM-12130/OKS-14130 Black Velvet - Love City (1969)
Love City/Just Came Back/Love Me Now/Look Ahead/Everything Is For You/
I Shall Be Released/Walking Together (Me And You)/Come On Heart/Hey Jude/Echoes