Let us not forget that the records we all love and treasure were on the whole released in order to gain chart success and hopefully forge a career for the artists and groups we all adore.
Below are some truly amazing original US music trade adverts from the 60's which I've amassed over the years. They include artists, labels and tracks that were all chart bound once upon a time...if they were lucky...but are now revered by us!
This page may take a while to fully download, but it's well worth the wait...and if you enjoyed these, now go to the Motown, Golden World, Ric-Tic, Revilot and other Detroit related adverts page + plus UK Oriole via the link button.
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Soul Adverts
In the above new release list is Douglas Banks on Guyden and The Ramblers on Trumpet - released the same weeka s The Radiants' "Heartbreak society".
original US & UK 60's adverts!
Billboard Magazine dates
Turntable - 21.8.65
Jimmy Robbins - 22.4.67
Sue - 6.6.64
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