The label discographies listed below are an on-going project, and currently include information on almost x200 Detroit and Northern/Rare Soul 60's labels. They have been put it together from information gleaned from the last 25+ years of collecting not only discs, but fanzines as well.

I must mention a few of the publications that have inspired me and indeed been constant companions of mine since they were printed - Rod Dearlove & Co's "The Collector's Guide to Detroit", Graham Anthony's "Detroit City Limits", and Derek Pearson's "Shades Of Soul".
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Northern & Detroit Soul
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In addition to the above label listings, please also check out the following pages:

Australian Soul 45s/EP Releases
The Australian Releases page is down to Oz based collector, Frank Driscoll, for whom I thank for allowing me to reproduce his fantastic label scans on here for all to see. Special mention to all the soulies on the Rare Soul Forum ...worth joining and getting involved with for sure, if you wanna discuss soul on a web-based chat group.

Detroit Related Releases
This list features Detroit recorded 45s that were released on non-Detroit based labels...thanks to Graham Finch for his input.

Local & National Label Releases
This list features 45s which were released on both a local area label and a nationally distributed one.
Section.1. Northern & Rare Soul Label Listings
Section.2. Detroit Rare Soul Label Listings